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Bedtime reading comes to life!

Engage with your little ones through laughter and silly voices.

Make reading together fun and enjoyable with this imaginative, rhyming picture book. The reader is encouraged to 'Do the Voices' as you work your way through a series of fun and whimsical characters.

A silly yet engaging book for all children. With characters like pirates, fairies, trucks, birds, and even a visit from The Queen!

Your audience will want you to read this to them again and again.

What silly voices do you have inside?

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Bedtime reading comes to life... Again!

Engage with your little ones through more silly voices.

Following the success of her best-selling book ‘Do the Voices’, we get to meet all the hidden friends at home and beyond.

Who knew that the car doesn’t like puddles, the bookcase is a very picky reader, the salt and pepper shakers don’t get along, and your handbag is just so exhausted!

What silly voices do you have inside?

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What People Are Saying

"What to Expect: Reading, families, sounds, make-believe.

Do the Voices is a unique and fun way for parents and children to share reading time.

Having a story read to you is fun, but the best bit is when the parent reading DOES THE VOICES! Wouldn’t it be super if you could make that parent do any voice you wanted them to? How about an elephant voice, all gruff and trumpety? Or perhaps a bossy pirate voice, a haughty queen’s voice, or a cute, screechy koala bear voice? Or maybe you could make them try and decide what a truck, a baby, or a fish would sound like if they could speak? Reading through this book, you’ll get a chance to try them all out!

Acknowledging the pivotal role that performance plays in shared reading, Do the Voices encourages readers and listeners to transform their imaginative interpretations of characters into silly voices as they read. At the same time, the story emphasizes the bond between parent and child through first-person narration and softly colored illustrations that emphasize feelings and relationships. Readers will love exploring how the voices and characters will change with each new re-telling of the story.

Overall, Do the Voices is a delightful way to simultaneously build family bonds, creativity, and literacy.”

The Children’s Book Review

“I love this book. The author has done a beautiful job with the rhyme and the variety of voices on offer as the story progresses. The illustrations complement the written narrative perfectly and the interactive nature of the book is a refreshing change from the usual STORYBOOK experience. What a delight!”

— Magdalena

“Such a fun story to read that inspires so many different voices to use. My kids loved reading along and we take turns of who gets to read the next page. So many beautiful pages that are full of colour and funny voices to entertain us all!”

— Lizzie

"I love the fun relationship between dad and daughter. I'm a dad and I'm not the silly one in the family. That makes it hallarious for the kids when I do the voices. I enjoy putting the kids to bed and this is just enough fun before lights off."

— Tony

"Do the Voices Too is a delightful second installment in this innovative series, perfect for shared family or classroom reading.

- Dr. Jen Harrison. (Review)

About Melinda

Melinda Issakov is a Mother of two. She has read countless children’s books over the years and discovered that the best ones require silly voices! Melinda loves to bond with her kids through laughter, play, and just being goofy.

Author of ‘Do the Voices’ soon to be a series, with seasonal versions, and other favorite characters.

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